Releases Mozilla 1.7 Beta

Version 1.7b of the Mozilla web browser suite has been released by The new version fixes many bugs present in version 1.7a, as well as adding some new functionality to the web browser, mail, and IRC client. From

New Features and Fixes


  • Official Mozilla 1.7 Beta installer builds (including the OS X disk image) contain the Talkback crash reporting utility. To help us make 1.7 the most stable release yet, please submit your crash reports.
  • A new option to prevent sites using Javascript to block the browseris context menu.
  • A new set of icons for files that are associated with Mozilla.
  • Password Manager has a "show passwords" mode which will display saved passwords. You will need to enter your master password if you are using one.
  • The "Set as wallpaper" feature now has a confirmation dialog.
  • Linux GTK2 builds have improved support for OS themes.
  • Cookie dialogs have been reworked to make them more usable.
  • Date handling, especially on OS X, has been improved.


New Issues

These are items that have been added to the Known Issues page since the last milestone, although the bugs themselves may have existed previously.


  • Users with alternate themes (including "Modern") who have multiple profiles may experience a bug where certain UI widgets are displayed with the classic or "native" theme rather than as specified by the alternate theme. This bug, 237407, also impacts some users who have made theme modifications with userChrome.css.
  • Web services are not working in Mozilla 1.7 Beta. This is bug 237845.
  • IPv6 support has been disabled by default on Mac OS X. This is because on Mac OS X there is no known way to disable IPv6 DNS lookups, which can lead to severe slowdowns in the presence of broken DNS servers and/or home routers. See bug 68796 and bug 231607. On OS X 10.3, IPv6 can be re-enabled by setting the pref network.dns.disableIPv6 to false.

You can read more about Mozilla 1.7b at, or you can download the 14.1MB disk image.