Releases New Camino Milestone, 0.8 Beta has released Camino 0.8b, the first new milestone of the Mac OS X-native browser in months. Improvements include a new bookmark manager, updated icons, and an updated version of the Gecko engine. From the Camino home page:

New features added since Camino 0.7 include:

  • A new bookmark manager with integrated Rendezvous, Address Book (on OSX 10.2+), Search, and Top 10 list.
  • Google search toolbar
  • Greatly improved cookie management
  • A more compact download manager
  • Allow lists (white-lists) for popup blocking
  • Incremental type-ahead find
  • Upgrades the Gecko HTML rendering engine from Mozilla 1.0 to Mozilla 1.7, resulting in performance, stability, and rendering improvements
  • And many more!!!

Camino, a Mac OS X exclusive, uses the Gecko HTML rendering engine also found in Mozilla Firefox and the Mozilla application suite.

Version 0.8b requires Mac OS X 10.1.5 and higher. It is available for download at Mozilla.orgis Web site.