Mozilla 1.0.2 Release Provides Polish, Bug Fixes

The Mozilla Organization has released version 1.0.2 of its browser suite. While higher versions including 1.2.1 and 1.3 Alpha were already available, the organization has continued to release minor updates to previous versions. From the release notes:

Mozilla 1.0.2 contains stability and security improvements. 1.0.2 also has fixes for standards support, UI correctness and polish, performance, and site compatibility. This is not a feature release. For new features, Mozilla 1.0 users are encouraged to upgrade to Mozilla 1.2.

As stated in the release notes, this version is aimed primarily at users who want the benefit of security and bug fixes without stepping up to the latest cutting-edge releases.

Mozilla is an open-source Web browser suite whose "Gecko" rendering engine is used in such applications as Netscape 7, Chimera and AOLis client software for Mac OS X.