Mozilla 1.3a Released, Official Support For Classic Mac OS Dropped

The Mozilla Organization has released version 1.3a of its Mozilla Web browser. Mozilla is open-source software, and is available for a plethora of operating systems. Version 1.3a includes improvements to bookmarks, news and e-mail. Spam controls have been added to the e-mail engine, and a new quick-search feature has been added to bookmark management. The release notes also state that there will no longer be official builds for Classic Mac OS (Mac OS 8 and 9). From the Mozilla 1.3a release notes:

Weire transitioning the Mac Classic (OS 8.x and 9.x) build to Mozilla Port status. This means that wonit be making official Classic builds beginning with 1.3alpha. For 1.3alpha (but probably not later releases) users of OS 9 with carbonlib can use the OS X (CFM) build. To use the CFM OSX builds on OS 9 follow these steps: Download and unstuff the binary. Open the disk image. Drag the Mozilla folder to your desktop. Open the folder and double-click on the file.

This means that developers will be free to use the source code from Mozilla to make a Classic Mac OS version of future builds, but that the Mozilla team itself will no longer do so. Aside from Netscape 6 and 7, there are currently no other Mac OS 9-compatible browsers using Mozillais page-rendering engine, Gecko.

You can visit the Mozilla releases page to download the software or read the Mozilla 1.3a release notes for more information.