Mozilla 1.4.1 and Thunderbird 0.3 RC3 Released has released Mozilla 1.4.1, an update to its popular browser suite. The changes since version 1.4 are mainly bug fixes. The organization also released Thunderbird 0.3 Release Candidate 3. From the Mozilla 1.4.1 release notes:

  • Mozilla on Windows now has support for NTLM authentication. This enables Mozilla to talk to MS web and proxy servers that are configured to use "windows integrated security".
  • Mozillais bookmarks have been overhauled. Bookmarks now include a root level folder, the ability to have two differently named bookmarks pointing at the same location, site icons in the Bookmark Manager and Bookmarks Sidebar, and separators now have support for labels.
  • Composer now supports click and drag dynamic image and table resizing. If an image is selected or if the caret is placed inside a table, eight resizing handles appear and allow to resize the image/table with a simple click/drag/release. In the case of an image, the resizing is done real-time and a semi-opaque shadow of the image at its target size is shown during resizing. A tooltip shows in real-time the target size in pixels, and the relative change in pixels too.
  • Mail now has junk-mail context menu items, a "delete junk mail" menu item and many other usability improvements for junk-mail controls.
  • Pop-up blocking has been streamlined to improve usability.
  • Users can now specify "blank page," "home page," or "Last page visited" for each of first window, new window and new tab.
  • Users can now specify default font, size and color for HTML mail compose.
  • Image blocking/disabling is now more flexible and users can "view image" to see blocked or not loaded images.
  • "Launch file" after downloading has been enabled for .exe files
  • It is possible to build Mozilla for Win32 using GCC. See the win32 build instructions for details.
  • Proxy auto-config (PAC) failover has been implemented
  • Mozilla 1.4.1 contains thousands of additional bugfixes, including changes to improve performance, stability, web site compatability, standards support, and usability.

Mozilla 1.4.1 is available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. It can be downloaded at

Thunderbird offers many improvements over the second release candidate. From the Thunderbird 0.3 RC3 release notes:

1) A security hole in JS that went into Mozilla 1.5 (the main reason I respun these bits)

2) A variety of bug fixes which should address problems opening attachments where the "Open With" radio button was coming up disabled and without the default helper app filled in for windows. This happened most often when opening an attachment that was encoded as application/octet-stream but was really a valid mime type like a PDF or a word document. Thunderbird was showing the content type as application/octet-stream in the helper app dialog and was also disabling the open option. That should be fixed now.

3) Took the patch in Bug #220611 which fixes a regression in thunderbird when trying to open bin hex encoded attachments.

4) Unthreading now resorts the view (Bug #218656)

5) Fix the address book toolbar so the buttons are on top and the text is below the button not to the right of it. Also, implement "just icons" and "just text" modes for the customized address book toolbar.

Thunderbird 0.3 RC3 download links can be found in the release notes.