Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 5 Released has released the 5th alpha build of its Mozilla Application Suite 1.8. It offers several under-the-hood changes including improved CSS3 support. End-users not interested in testing and bug reporting should stick with Mozilla 1.7.3. From the release notes:

  • Experimental support for CSS3 columns enabled (see bug 251162).
  • Untrusted documents can no longer load images from the useris hard drive (bug 69070).
  • The "save as" code was changed to not use HEAD, fixing a whole slew of issues (bug 160454).
  • Resizing the window no longer lays out background tabs (bug 227361).
  • All known problems where view-source would not display some of the characters in the page (such as misplaced quotes) are now fixed. (ependencies of bug 57724).
  • The XTF framework was enabled (bug 269859).
  • Drop-caps rendering (with first-letter) is much better (bug 21616).
  • A lot of problems with content flashing in several locations during reflow were solved by bug 238493.
  • Persist printer settings when printing from web page using window.print() command (bug 156992).

Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 5 is available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Download links for this version and Mozilla 1.7.3, the latest stable build, are available at the Mozilla 1.x Releases page.