Mozilla 1.8a2 Adds Unified POP3 Inbox Support has released Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 2, the latest Technology Preview version of its Interent software suite. Few details are provided, but one particularly noteworthy change is the ability to use a global inbox for multiple POP3 accounts rather than a separate inbox for each. From the release notes:

  • Mozilla 1.8 Alpha2 users can now unblock a blocked popup from the Show item on the Tools -> Popup Manager menu or the context menu item on the pop-up indicator icon in the statusbar.
  • Mozilla Mail now has a Global Inbox which allows you to manage multiple POP3 accounts from the same folder hierarchy.
Under the Hood
  • Mozilla 1.8 Alpha2 has initial support for the new Netscape Plugin API extensions annouced in the recent press release. See the Scripting Plugins in Mozilla document for more information."

Mozilla 1.8a2 is available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Download links are available at the Mozilla 1.x Releases page.