Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird Receive Minor Updates has released minor updates to its standalone browser and mail clients, Firefox 0.9.1 and Thunderbird 0.7.1. The Thunderbird release includes a fix for an OS X issue involving profiles from version 0.6. No changes for Firefox 0.9.1 were explicitly noted. From the Thunderbird release notes:

  • Fix for 0.7 not recognizing profiles whose directory path contained non ascii characters.
  • Mac OS X: Thunderbird 0.7 was not recognizing existing 0.6 profiles.
  • Fix for the new mail notification icon in the Windows system tray not always showing up.
  • Improvements to the extensions system.

Download links for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows versions are available at the home page. For more information, see the Firefox release notes and Thunderbird release notes.