Mozilla Project Updates Open Source Mac Browser To Mozilla 1.3b

The Mozilla Organization has released a new version of its self-titled open-source Web browser suite. Mozilla 1.3b adds an image-sizing feature that allows images to be scaled to fill the browser window when not embedded in a Web page. It also includes improvements to junk-mail filtering, profile switching, and Chatzilla preferences. Advanced users can now tweak preferences by entering about:config in the address bar. Viewing "about:config" in previous versions of Mozilla would simply display preference settings, but the list is editable in version 1.3b. More from the Mozilla 1.3b release notes:

  • Image auto sizing allows a user to toggle between full-sized images and images sized to fit the browser window. To give it a try, load a large image into the browser window or size the window to be much smaller. Now clicking on the image will alternate between auto-sized and full-sized. The feature can be disabled (or enabled) from the Appearance panel in Preferences.
  • Mozilla Mailis junk-mail classification is mostly complete. Users can now automatically move junk mail to a spam folder.
  • Users can now "dynamically" switch profiles. To give it a try, from the tools menu select "Switch Profile..."
  • Find as you type, formerly known as type ahead find, has a new preferences panel (Advanced: Keyboard Navigation).
  • When installed, Chatzilla now has a normal Mozilla preferences panel.
  • about:config, the listing of most of Mozillais preference settings is now editable. Power users can now tweak just about every pref available without opening prefs.js in a text editor. Warning: tweaking some of these prefs may break Mozilla completely. Use at your own risk.
  • This release of Mozilla marks the kickoff of a research project to apply machine learning to improve the browseris autocomplete feature. The projectis first phase needs as many Mozilla users as possible to participate in collecting data. All you need to do is turn on a pref, use this build for daily browsing for a couple of weeks, zip up a data file on your local drive, and submit it online. Please read for more details.

The Carbon version of Mozilla 1.3b can be found at There is no longer a separate build for Classic Mac OS users.