Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Client Updated to 0.3rc2

| News has released Thunderbird 0.3 Release Candidate 2. This update to the standalone, Mozilla-based mail client offers several fixes. From the developeris release notes posted in the MozillaZine Forums:

1) the padding in the toolbars was too small (especially when using small icons)

2) the spell checker was not spell checking your text when you replied to a message (I had to back out the change to not spell check the reply text i.e. iJohn Doe wrote:i in order to fix this).

3) News should use the serveris username and password for authenticating (Bug #36816).

4) the build ID now says 9/24

The application is avilable for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. Downloads can be found at the Mozilla Thunderbird homepage.

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