Mozilla Thunderbird Reaches 1.0 has released Thunderbird 1.0, the latest update to its standalone, cross-platform mail and news client. Features are largely comparable to Thunderbird 1.0 RC1. A couple releases back, Thunderbird gained RSS support, allowing it to act as a client not only for email and newsgroups, but also for syndicated news and blogs. From the release notes:

Here are some of the new features to look for in Thunderbird:

  • Adaptive Junk Mail Controls
  • RSS Integration
  • Saved Search Folders

    Saved Search Folders display messages based on previously set search criteria. For example, instead of filtering messages into a new folder, you can create a Saved Search Folder that lists all the messages received from a certain person over the past 30 days, even if those messages are stored in different folders and subfolders.

  • Global Inbox Support

    POP3 users can now combine all of their POP3 accounts into a single global inbox under local folders.

  • Message Grouping

    You can now group messages in a folder by attributes such as date, sender, priority or a custom label. For instance, a folder grouped by date will group messages from today, yesterday, last week, etc. into self-contained groups in the message list pane. (View > Sort By > Grouped By Sort)

  • Privacy Protection

    In order to help protect your privacy, Thunderbird now automatically blocks remote image requests in emails from senders you donit know.

  • Comprehensive Mail Migration from other Mail Clients

    Switching to Thunderbird has never been easier since Thunderbird can now migrate all of your email data including settings, mail folders and address book data from common mail applications such as the Mozilla 1.x Suite, Outlook Express, Outlook and Eudora.

Mozilla Thunderbird runs on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Download links are available at the Thunderbird home page.