Mr. iPresident

Love him or hate him, Apple fans can agree that President George W. Bush at least has good taste in digital music players. The gloved hands dialing in a track on the iPod in the photo below belong to the President, who prepared his "I-pod [sic] during a bicycle ride at a secure location outside Washington, D.C."

George W. Bushis iPod

The photo was snapped on December 12 by Christopher Morris and belongs to a photo essay titled "A Private View of the President."

He may not be quite the Mac user that Senator John Kerry is, but at least he knows what the best digital music player on the market is.

Now if only the mainstream press could learn how to spell iPod correctly (you would think theyid know by now given how much Apple markets the little box). "I-pod" has three incorrect characters, which is pretty sad given that it only takes four to correctly spell the name...