Multi-Lingual Management Utility Updated

MAKI Enterprise has released a new utility facilitating the management of multi-lingual computer configurations. Keyboard Menu Manager allows users of Appleis Language Kit to easily deal with a multiple languages system. According to MAKI:

MAKI Enterprise Inc. releases Keyboard utility iKeyboard Menu Manageri for MacOS.

Features of Keyboard Menu Manager

  • disables foreign KeyScripts except on your multilingual application
  • manual switch of Multilingual enable/disable.
  • locks language on each application not to switch to other languages in mistakes

What does Keyboard Menu Manager do?

Keyboard Menu Manager confines KeyScripts to start-up language and Roman except on multilingual applications. In addition, you can lock KeyScript when you write e-mail or HTML document in any single language. Even if many languages are necessary for your computer, you must ever felt inconvenience in writing something because MacOS switch language very easily. It is true that it is a great advantage of Mac for multilingual user, but email or HTML document usually allows any single language. Keyboard Menu Manager allows multilingual environment only on your multilingual applications.

Who needs Keyboard Menu Manager?
Every multilingual users who has localized version of MacOS. Why has no one made a tool like this?

You can make your documents efficiently because you do not have to switch KeyScripts often.

Keyboard Menu Manager is available for US$30. You can find more information at the MAKI Enterprise web site.