Multi-Purpose MP3 App Updated

Three-2-One has updated their multi-purpose MP 3 utility, MP3Voodoo. Version 2.0 offers users a wide variety of options for storing, organizing, and playing their MP3 files, all from within one simple application. According to Three-2-One:

MP3Voodoo is a mp3 collection organizer, browser and player. MP3 collections are created from folders of MP3 files including cover and back images for every album. Many different display modes make it easy to find desired titles even in large collections.

MP3Voodoo uses Quicktime or controls a 3rd party mp3 player (not under OSX) to play titles directly out of collections or previously created playlists.

MP3Voodoo is available for US$35. You can find more information, in German, at the Three-2-One Web site.