Multi-lingual HTML Editor Released For OS X

MAKI Enterprise has updated their multi-lingual HTML editor, Muwse, to version 1.09. Muwse allows users to easily create Web sites in a number of languages, and the latest version is Carbonized to run natively under Mac OS X. According to MAKI Enterprise:

Muwse is full Unicode support and a built in professional HTML editor.

Many HTML editors / web page builder applications do not allow the use of multiple languages. Muwse can handle multilingual HTML documents and Unicode. You can create multilingual web sites correctly and easily. It will help your internet business, the study of language in an educational environment and your international customers.

Even your shopping sites will be able to indicate multiple languages in the same page, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French and so on.

You can create web documents even in languages previously unavailable on the internet.

Muwse features many language specific features.

Automatic language selection. You do not have to do any language formatting. Simply drag and drop text into the Muwse window and the html file will be multilingual.If any single language is used, Muwse will automatically select the most appropriate encoding.

Multilingual Find feature. More powerful than all other high-end word processors or editors; you can find text in any language with Muwse.

Text Clip is available as a Template to easily handle sets of html Tags. Of course Multiple languages are available in Text Clip.

Numerous Unicode editing functions. Compulsory Unicode conversion, Unicode paste, language conversion etc.

Web Browser Preview. You can preview your documents in a Web browser with a single click.

Muwse is available for US$70. You can find more information at the MAKI Enterprise Web site.