MultiMode OSX Updated To Version 4.6.2

MultiMode OSX, a software package for sending and receiving many kinds of non-voice transmissions over shortwave and ham radio, has been updated to version 4.6.2. The new version adds speed improvements, and fixes a bug in the tuning indicator. From Black Cat Systems:

Version 4.6.2 of MultiMode OSX has been released. This update to MultiMode speeds up operation, especially on slower machines, and fixes a small bug in the tuning indicator display when in 300 baud packet mode.

Complete information about MultiMode OSX and downloads may be obtained from

MultiMode is an application which allows your Macintosh to decode and transmit several different modes of non-voice communication often heard on shortwave and ham radio. It is the only program of its kind for the Macintosh,rivaling commercial packages for the PC platform costing hundreds of dollars. It is ideal for amateur radio operators, shortwave radio listeners, and other radio enthusiasts.

MultiMode allows you to decode and display morse code, RTTY, FAX, SSTV, ACARS, PSK31, and many other modes on your Mac, without any extra hardware. MultiMode now also allows you to transmit in most of the modes of operation.

In the past, dedicated hardware, often costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, was necessary to demodulate and decode these transmissions. Today, you can use the processing power of your Macintosh to decode and display these modes, without any hardware. Just connect your radiois speaker output to your Macis microphone input, and youire ready to go.

MultiMode supports the following modes:

  • Morse Code (CW)
  • QRSS (Slow speed CW)
  • RTTY (Baudot and ASCII)
  • SSTV (Slow Scan TV)
  • ACARS (Aircraft Communications)
  • Packet (300 and 1200 baud)
  • PSK31
  • ALE (Automatic Link Establishment)
  • DTMF (touch tone), CCIR, EIA Tone Modes
  • ICAO Selcal
  • Hellschreiber
  • Audio Spectrum Display / FFT Mode

You can get more information about MultiMode OSX at Black Cat Systemsi Web site. MultiMode OSX requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later, and is available for US$89.