MultiMode Updated To Version 3.6

Black Cat Systems has updated their communication decoder, MultiMode, to version 3.6. MultiMode allows users to decode a variety of non-voice communication, including Morse Code. According to Black Cat Systems:

This version adds several improvements to Fax mode (such as selectable IOC), as well as fixes a bug with decoding from recorded audio files.

MultiMode is an application which allows your Macintosh to decode several different modes of non-voice communication often heard on shortwave. You can also transmit in many of these modes, as well.

In the past, dedicated hardware, often costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, was necessary to demodulate and decode these transmissions. Today, you can use the processing power of your Macintosh to decode and display these modes, without any hardware.

MultiMode is available for US$89, while a less powerful Lite version is available for US$39. You can find more information at the Black Cat Systems web site.