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MAKI Enterprise Inc. has released version 1.4 of its multilingual e-mail client, Magellan. The new version adds features and support for unlimited attachments. According to MAKI:

Magellan allows users to:

  • Send and receive multilingual e-mail. Any languages will correctly be sent and received.
  • Send and receive e-mail message containing any plural languages.
  • Not only unicode but newly created MultiScript encoding is adopted.
  • Read messages in "View." View is an epoch-making management way of e-mail messages, different from folder or filter system.
  • Create Text clip which replaced "signature" and is more flexible and free.
  • Download large size message or attachment file later, skip e-mail.
  • The function is for faster mail checking!
  • Avoid complexity of "Preferences" or "Settings."
  • Fastest performance of all e-mail client software.
  • Work under less memory than other e-mail software and 750KB of application size.

New features in Magellan 1.4

  • Support HTML e-mail.
  • WordService support.
  • Language conversion.
  • Unlimited attachments.
  • Enhanced mail tracing.

Magellan is available for US$80. The update is free to registered users and you can find more information about it at MAKIis site.

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