Multimedia Exhibit: Ashes and Snow

Nowadays, nothing surprises anymore when it comes to the stuff on the Web; weive seen dancing gerbils and little ninjas, optical illusions and odd illustrations, and more photos than you can shake a muddy stick at. Yet it doesnit mean that the appreciation of art and beauty is lost on us, and just as tropical sunsets and newborn babes capture and captivate as if the very idea of them were new to us, so do photos, movies, words, and music from true artisans.

Such is the focus of this long overdue installment of A Cool Waste of Time.

Ashes and Snow

Actually, appreciating art, while definitely cool, is never a waste of time, so we apologize to Gregory Colbert for implying that it is.

Who is Gregory Colbert? He is a multimedia artist whose latest creation, "Ashes and Snow," explore, through photos, movies, words, and music, the relationships between man and other animals. The photos are surrealistically beautiful, the movie clips are equally unreal and mesmerizing, and the music,? haunting.

We invite you to grab a chai tea, put on something comfortable, and explore Ashes and Snow.

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