Multipurpose Music App Updated

RiverSong InterActive has updated their multipurpose music application, TitleTrack Jukebox, to version 2.2. TitleTrack Jukebox provides a software interface for Sonyis CD juke box players while also allowing users to manage and play MP3 files. According to RiverSong InterActive:

RiverSong InterActive is pleased to announce the release of version 2.2 of TitleTrack Jukebox.

TitleTrack Jukebox is the revolutionary new music management program for the Macintosh for controlling the Sony line of music CD Changers, playing MP3 and other sound files, and controlling oneis entire home stereo system.

Version 2.2 of TitleTrack Jukebox adds three new features to the program:

A PLAYLIST LOG that automatically logs the date, time and description of every song played (whether from a CD or MP3 or other sound file). This is a feature intended primarily for those in the broadcasting industry who need to keep accurate records of every song played, but is also a fun feature for other users who can see what was played and when, by themselves or any other member of their household!

SEND IR COMMANDS VIA APPLESCRIPT. Although TitleTrack Jukebox has included within the program the ability to send infrared (IR) commands to another component in oneis home entertainment system, version 2.2 adds the ability to use AppleScript from another application to instruct TitleTrack Jukebox to send an IR command. This feature vastly expands the ability to integrate TitleTrack Jukebox into a complete home automation system.

"HAS PICTURE" OPTION IN REPORTS. Prior versions of TitleTrack Jukebox have enabled users to import pictures for each CD in their database, as well as create reports on their entire CD database. Version 2.2 adds the ability to generate a report showing which CDs have pictures, and which still need pictures.

The TitleTrack Jukebox is available for US$289. You can find more information at the TitleTrack Jukebox Web site.