Mumbo Jumbo And MacPlay Release Two New Puzzle Games

MacPlay is now shipping two new games from developer Mumbo Jumbo, Power Chips and High Roller. The puzzle games are designed in the arcade style and feature Vegas styled gameplay. Using dice and chips, players accumulate points as the level of difficulty increases. According to MacPlay:

Ka-ching! Mumbo Jumbo, a subsidiary of United Developers, LLC is pleased to announce the release of Power Chips & High Roller, a winning combination that offers casino-style puzzle action.

Power Chips is an action puzzle game with all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Players eliminate groups of three or more matching chips from the game board as new ones fall from the top of the screen. If the pile reaches the foul line, the game ends. Bonus chips help extend lucky streaks by unleashing special powers, such as the ability to collect large groups of chips at once.

High Roller requires the player to swap dice on a board by aligning 3 or more matching dice. Adding a classic 1950?s muscle car theme, High Roller is an action puzzle game full of chain-reaction matches and bonus dice that provide even higher payoffs

You can find more information about the Power Chips and High Roller release at the MacPlay Web site. The CD-ROM ships with both games for US$19.99.