Mumbo Jumbo Shipping New Game "Equilibria"

MumboJumbo is shipping a new game for Mac users, Equilibria 1.0. Equilibria is a puzzle styled game designed to alleviate boredom. The aim of the game is to maintain an equal amount of colored marbles. According to MumboJumbo:

Anyone searching for balance in their lives can end their quests with Equilibria, the new puzzle game from MumboJumbo, a subsidiary of United Developers, LLC.

Equilibria starts with a group of multi-colored marbles on a playing field. As more move in from all sides, players click groups of three or more same-colored marbles to remove them from the playing area. Special bonus marbles allow players to freeze the game for a few seconds or eliminate unwanted marbles.

The goal is to maintain balance on all four sides of the playing field; if the marble mass gets too large on one side and hits the edge, the game is over.

You can find more information about Equilibria at the MumboJumbo Web site. Equilibria is available for US$19.99.