MusicPlasma: The Center Of Your Music World

So, youire cruising iTunes Music Store, checking out whatis new. You get annoyed with the 30 second snippets of music that passes for a tune preview, and you wonder how can you possibly discover new music in 30 second increments? Wouldnit it be nice it there was a clean, easy way to discover which artists are more like the ones you currently know and like? Grouping artists in genre categories can help, but many artists straddle genres, making them tough to categorize, which could be why you like them in the first place.

What to do?

Lucky for you, TMOis staff keeps our eyes peeled for coolness that can be found on the Web, and it just so happens that weive found something thatis right up your alley.

Accordingly, we present to you, MusicPlasma in this installment of A Cool Waste of Time.

Checking out the Soul of Maze
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MusicPlasma is an idea whose time has come. Enter the name of a music group or artist, and MusicPlasma displays other artists whose music shares certain qualities, and so, may interest you. Itis all done graphically, so the links between artists can be seen and followed. As you click on others artists that orbit your original entry, new artists appear and you can actually see the connection between the artists you like and your general taste in music.

Not all artists are shown, unfortunately, but thereis enough to at least get you thinking about whose music you might want to listen to next.

With MusicPlasma and an iTMS account, you will be economically poor, but culturally rich.