Musicians Get Tool To Make "MP3 Albums"

Infamus Software has released a new utility aimed toward musicians that want to more easily distribute collections of their music over the Web via MP3 format. AlbumWrap allows users to select any number of MP3is and condense them into one file, while still keep ID3 tag info like song title and artist name in tact. According to Infamus Software:

Infamus Software has just released AlbumWrap (shareware) and AlbumWrapExtractor for Macintosh and Windows platforms:

Ever been searching for several tracks from one album? Itis hard to find oneperson that has every track... Considering the quality, bit rate, anddownload speed you desire, the time it takes to complete the task isconsiderable. AlbumWrap archives solve this program by allowing artists towrap an entire album into one neat file, while still providing relevantinformation such as title, author, bit rate, and album length in filesearches and downloads.

AlbumWrap files are simple to make and easy to use. AlbumWrap allows you toselect individual MP3 tracks from your album and wrap them into one file.This makes it simple for users to get a complete work at one time. It savestime in searching for quality tracks with the desired bit rates. Itis fast,easy, and exciting (and the Extractor is FREE)!

Want to make your MP3-format music more accessible and convenient forlisteners? Take a look at AlbumWrap, and make it easier for users to gettheir hands on your music... Donit make them search and download each trackseparately!

AlbumWrap is easy to use and is completely compatible with the file sharingsystems in use, including Napster.

AlbumWrap is available for US$15, and the Extractor applications is free. You can find more information at the Infamus Software Web site.