MyMac's Tim Robertson On MacOS Radio

This weekis version of the MacOS Radio Network will feature MyMac.comis Tim Robertson. Mr. Robertson will offer his insight on the current condition of the Mac universe, including the new Steve Jobs book and chatter about OS X. MacOS Radio has also announced that they have dramatically increased bandwidth, allowing more listeners to enjoy the live show. According to MacOS Radio:

In our continuing effort to bring you cool, knowledgable and interesting people from the Mac media world, this weekis edition of the MacOS Radio Network will feature Tim Robertson from Weill talk about all the news in the Mac universe, the new book about Steve Jobs and whatever else he, we or you feel like talking about.

Apparently Verizon (the company formerly known as GTE) has taken to reading our snide press releases about their delivery dates and has decided to make us eat some crow. And we couldnit be happier to oblige them. In LESS THAN ONE WEEK (a surprisingly fast timeframe), Verizon will have completed the work necessary to more than quadruple the bandwidth going to the MacOS Radio Network.

In order to accomodate these changes, the MacOS Radio Network servers will go offline sometime late on Thursday, October 19 (or early Friday the 20th) for at least a few hours (and maybe as long as one full day, depending on Internic). Once back online, the number of individual, simultaneous streams able to be supported will be more than four times the current capacity.

Saying that increasing the bandwidth is only part of the task facing him, MacOS Radio President Duane Burghard said, "Once Verizon is done, then the real work begins. Weive got a lot of customers and former customers out there who got plenty irritated with us because they were unable to listen in to our live broadcast. Weive got to get them back."

Burghard also said that a new marketing campaign would begin shortly after the bandwidth increase designed to "promote awareness of our increased capacity and changes in the product." Product changes, some made in response to the posted Listener Survey on their web site, include the elimination of the pre-broadcast from the archived versions of the show.

You can tune in, and find more information, at the MacOS Radio Network web site.