MyPod Now Shipping From Clich? Software

Cliché Software has released a new app for iPod users, MyPod. MyPod is a download utility designed for information management and storage via the iPod. The app features Web support and a variety information options. According to Cliché Software:

Cliché Software today released MyPod, a utility for Mac OS X that merges the power of web services with the portability of the Apple iPod digital music player.

Previously known as PodNews 3, MyPod allows not only headlines but also movie times, contacts and calendars, stock quotes and weather forecasts to be automatically downloaded to your iPod simply by attaching it to your computer. Other content, such as driving directions, lyrics and text notes can also be easily saved.

MyPod is built on the powerful Cocoa frameworks in Mac OS X, and has an advanced plug-in architecture. Programmers familiar with the Cocoa environment can extend and enhance MyPod in advanced ways through the flexible API, adding their own innovative features and further enriching the usefulness of the iPod as a portable digital assistant.

You can find more information about the MyPod release at the Cliché Software Web site. MyPod is available for US$14.95.