My Dream App Contest Begins to Announce Finalists

The first three finalists in the My Dream App online competition were unveiled on Wednesday. The contest launched two weeks ago and has seen more than 2,700 ideas submitted, according to organizers. Eventually, two dozen finalists will be judged by a panel including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Delicious Monster founder Wil Shipley, and over 40 others.

The first finalist is Herald, which uses RSS news feeds to create virtual newspapers that could be shared through an iWeb-like user interface. The idea came from Polish college student Bogumil Glertier.

The second one is Stick-It, which lets users place sticky notes anywhere within Mac OS X, including inside applications, in menus, and on windows. Swedish Mac user Anders Melin came up with that one.

Finally, we have college student Andrew Wilsonis Desktop Wars, a real-time strategy game that turns the Mac OS X desktop into a battlefield, complete with the ability to use the mouse, voice input, and a laptopis motion sensor as interactive devices.

My Dream App expects to announce another finalist each weekday through Sept. 15. Voting to eliminate finalists will start Sept. 18.