Myth III Developer Hires Duane Johnson For Mac Game Ports

A new development in the ever changing saga of the Mac Gaming community, Duane Johnson has been hired on to the Mumbo Jumbo team to port future titles to the Macintosh, including the 2001 lineup offered by MacPlay. This is fantastic news for the Mac Gaming Community as Duane is a talented programer who will bring us fanatics many titles to enjoy in the near future.

Duane is well known to us here at The Mac Observer, as we interviewed him at the San Fran MACWORLD show in January 2000. For those unfamiliar with this programer, he is known best for his ports of Descent, Descent II, Descent III, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, Balduris Gate, and Tales of the Sword Coast. Until recently, he was an employee of NASA, working on docking simulations by day while programing Mac games by night. He left his job at NASA to pursue his passion for game development, joining the 3dfx team just before the company disbanded.

President of Mumbo Jumbo, Mark Dochtermann:

"Duane brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Mumbo Jumbois Macintosh programming team. His in depth Macintosh programming skills will enhance the teamis ability to bring high quality product to market to meet MacPlayis aggressive publishing schedule." said Mark Dochtermann, President of Mumbo Jumbo. "Weire also confident that Duane will greatly enhance Mumbo Jumbois ability to deliver Mac OS X versions of MacPlayis 2001 releases."

Mumbo Jumbo is currently working hard at Myth III: The Wolf Age for Gathering of Developers, the franchise that was handed over to Take Two Interactive in the Microsoft Purchase of Bungie Software last year. This title takes the Myth series of games and converts them into full, glorious 3d. The story will "take players back in time 1000 years before the original Myth: The Fallen Lords, chronicling the exploits of Connacht, the first emperor of human lands, who saved mankind from the vile Myrkridia and Trow races." To view a few screenshots of the design process, and a few character models such as the greasy Ghol or the poisoned Soulless, go to the Official Myth III: The Wolf Age Web.