Myth III Screen Shot Available

Gamers that can not wait any longer for some more Myth III news are in luck. The folks at have posted what is believed to be the first screenshot from the forthcoming Myth III game. As expected, the image is breathtaking. According to

The staff woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning. Arriving via anonymous email was this screenshot, which appears to have been taken within the Myth III engine. While we cannot be certain, given that it arrived with no fingerprints, the contents certainly make it appear legitimate.

The two characters closest to the foreground appear to be the same models as those displayed on Take2is Myth III page, with the same rounded wooden shields and the same carried spears.

The shot sports three Berserks, two Spearmen, and interesting terrain effects. There is grass in the open areas, and it would appear as if there is some kind of moldy substance on the rock in the rear left. Whether this is the result of impressive texturing (or impressive PhotoShop work) or the new underlying fine terrain mesh is yet to be seen.

Obviously, the validity of this image can not be verified. If this is what we can look forward to, however, then it seems gamers will be in for a treat. You can find the image at the Web site.