NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Ships New Guitar Emulator

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is now shipping GUITAR RIG for Mac users. GUITAR RIG is a utility designed for electric guitar amplifier emulation. The app ships with a foot controller and emulations of classic and modern amplifiers, cabinets, microphones, and effects. According to NATIVE INSTRUMENTS:

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is excited to announce that GUITAR RIG for Mac OS X is now available in stores worldwide.

GUITAR RIG is a revolutionary one-stop-solution for the demanding guitarist and producer. Combining a highly sophisticated software with a sturdy foot controller, GUITAR RIG forms a professional modular guitar studio that is as versatile as it is easy to use. GUITAR RIG opens up a whole universe ofunique and signature guitar sounds - ranging from classic vintage tones to contemporary hi-gain metal sounds and far beyond.

The outstanding sound quality, extensive features and wide ranging flexibility make GUITAR RIG an inspiring and truly versatile tool for the modern guitarist - on stage, for rehearsal, at home, on the road, and in the studio.

You can find more information about the GUITAR RIG release at the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Web site. GUITAR RIG is available for US$499.00.