NEC Unveils 42-inch Wraparound DLP Display

NEC will unveil a 42-inch wraparound display at Macworld next week. The model CRVD-42DWX+ has a seamless image, 2880 x 900 pixels, achieved with a combination of a DLP engine and LEDs.

The use of a DLP engine and LEDs allows for a very fast response time, less than 0.02 ms. and an image free of motion artifacts. Other specs include: pixel pitch of 0.36 mm, 350 nits brightness, a contrast ratio exceeding 10,000:1 and an NTSC color gamut of 170 percent.

The target markets are gaming, simulation, those whoive considered a multi-monitor setup, and of course video and film creation and viewing.

NEC expects delivery in the second half of 2008. Information on pricing is not yet available. NECis Macworld booth is South Hall, #2438.