NVIDIA Demonstrates GeForce2 MX Card That Can Power Two LCDs

NVIDIA has demonstrated a new video card which allows one to power two flat-panel displays off of one video card. The unit is designed to work with DVI interfaces, and is based on the GeForce2 MX card. That card includes built-in Mac support. As such, Apple or another company could market a Mac version of the card. From NVIDIA:

NVIDIA and Eizo® have teamed up to deliver the industryis first dual digital visual interface (DVI) for consumers, enabling two digital flat panels to run at a resolution of 1280x1024, powered by a single NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU) featuring NVIDIAis TwinView technology. This display of digital technology brilliance can be seen in the DDWG booth, #1021 at IDF located at the San Jose Convention Center.

"Digital flat panel displays will be more and more pervasive in the coming years," said Dan Vivoli, vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. "NVIDIA offers the best experience for digital flat panel users by providing the cleanest, brightest, display output and the unique ability to support two digital panels from a single GPU."

NVIDIAis technology demonstration, featuring the GeForce2 MX GPU powering dual digital displays, showcases the importance of delivering a single chip solution. Consumers will now be able to have an affordable digital experience in comparison to todayis more costly solutions. According to DisplaySearch, the leader in flat panel display market research and consulting, dual digital monitor sales are predicted to be 6 million units in 2001 and increase to 10 million units by the end of 2002. Thus the ability to save desktop space while enlarging the display area will be a key competitive differentiator.

This is not a shipping product; NVIDIAis announcement is merely a "demonstration" of the product in concept. Pricing, availability, and whether or not there is a Mac version of this product in the works has not been announced.