NY Post: Buy.com To Start iTMS Competition

According to a brief article at the New York Post, Buy.com is about to start up an internet-based music service to compete with Appleis iTunes Music Store (iTMS). The Post has published many stories relating to Appleis iTMS since the service was announced in April. The newspaper is reporting that Buy.com has been in talks with the five major music labels, and quotes a music industry insider who claims that it is unclear whether or not Buy.com has secured the proper rights. From the New York Post:

The online e-tailer is starting an Internet-based music service similar to Appleis and is expected to announce the launch next Tuesday in New York.

The company has been talking to all five major labels, though it is unclear whether they have secured the rights yet, according to one music industry insider.

You can read the full article at the New York Postis Web site.