NY Post: Windows iTunes Music Store By End Of June; Apple: Wrong

The New York Post, oft a source of mainstream coverage of Appleis iTunes Music Store (iTMS) of late, has published yet another piece on the subject, but this one contains a bit of unfortunate errata. The article deals with the success of the iTMS, and the way that success has garnered renewed interest in the area from the usual suspects in high-tech: Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo!, and Amazon, in this case. Note that earlier reports have been published that also say these four companies are looking to make a move on this market.

Whatis unfortunate is a note about Appleis own plans for a Windows version of the iTMS. Apple announced earlier this year that a Windows version of the service would be available by the end of 2003. According to the post, we can look for that by the end of this month. From the article:

However, industry insiders and analysts wonder if Appleis iTunes will give PC users the same freedoms. Apple is developing a PC/Windows Media version of iTunes, which the company plans to have ready by the end of the month.

We checked with an Apple spokesperson, who told us specifically that the Postis article is not correct, and that the end of the year is still the official time frame.

You can find the full article at the New York Postis Web site.