NY Times Columnist David Pogue Covers Tiger's Lesser-Known Features

David Pogue, The New York Timesi tech columnist and author of numerous Mac how-to books, uses his Thursday column to discuss the lesser-known items among the more than 200 features included in Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger," which will be available everywhere on Friday. As Mr. Pogue points out, Spotlight and Dashboard have received the majority of the press coverage, but thereis more to this OS upgrade.

He covers a few of the more important lesser-known features, such as the new parental controls and Tigeris enhanced security, before drawing on his musical background to compile a rhyming list of "tweaks and upgrades that pile up like something out of Gilbert and Sullivan." You can read the entire rundown, along with Mr. Pogueis thoughts on when users should upgrade to Tiger, on the C|NET Web site, which doesnit have the registration requirement found on The New York Timesi site.