NY Times: "Pixar's Mr. Incredible May Yet Rewrite the Apple Story"

According to the New York Times, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is Pixaris Mr. Incredible. The name, of course, refers to one of the characters from Pixaris upcoming feature animation, The Incredibles, but the story is about whether or not Mr. Jobs can build Apple, and specifically the Mac platform, like he has built Pixar. From the article:

His biggest fans might see Steven P. Jobs, Apple Computeris chief executive, as a brilliant dunce. He has the absolutely best software to run a personal computer but canit figure out how to convert technical superiority into the industry standard. He has the absolutely best portable player for tunes but canit figure out how to convert market dominance on the music side into increased market share on the computer side.

Heis capable of better, much better. His record as C.E.O. of Pixar Animation Studios - he somehow serves as the boss of two publicly traded companies - suggests that, at Apple, he may yet pass from erratically great to best of the best. In the early years at Pixar, he had incredible technology and no idea what to do with it. But once the strategic vision came into focus, he started on a roll that is unlike any other and continues to this day.

The full article focuses mostly on Pixaris history of success, its early days as a struggling technology company, and Steve Jobsi role in building the company. We recommend it as an interesting read.