NY Times Spotlights Mac "Thinking Cap" Software

The New York Times has published a piece spotlighting Mac software that helps you think. The article, titled "Mac Programs That Come With Thinking Caps On," looks at Devonthink Professional, Tinderbox, and OmniOutliner Professional, comparing them favorably to Windows titles, some of which are more expensive than the Mac titles.

"These programs are of obvious interest to the Mac community," wrote James Fallows, "but the much larger community of non-Mac users also has good reason to keep an eye on them. Some are simply better than their current Word counterparts, illustrating features and approaches that PC users will want once they have seen them."

Above and beyond the obviously complimentary look at the Mac that the articles offers to Times readers, the short reviews of each product may come in handy, especially for the vast majority of folks who arenit familiar with this category of software in the first place. Each of the three offers ways to organize information, thoughts, ideas, projects, etc.