Name that iTune! Updated With Code Optimizations

Jonathan Nathan has released an update for Name that iTune!, bringing it to version 2.2. Name that iTune! is a game that quizzes a player about the songs contained within their iTunes library. The update features game setting retention and high score support. According to Jonathan Nathan:

Name that iTune!

Name that iTune! is a free, fun, and addictive game to test your knowledge of your iTunes library.

It quizzes you about the title, artist, album or year of tracks from your iTunes library. As the time ticks away, so do your points and options. The faster you answer, the more points you will score, but be careful, you are penalized for incorrect answers! Name that iTune! also features original music, a colorful interface, two player mode, and much more.


  • Added a High Scores list
  • All game settings should now be retained through re-launches
  • Several code optmizations

You can find more information about the Name that iTunes! update at the Jonathan Nathan Web site. Name that iTune! is available as freeware.