Nanonation Integrates Safari Into Kiosk App

Nanonation has announced the incorporation of Safari within Nanopoint Software. Nanopoint Software is a line of software systems designed for kiosks and interactive marketing. The apps now feature the Safari Web browser and feature OpenGL and Quartz Extreme embedding. According to Nanonation:

Nanonation, a Nebraska-based developer of customer experience software solutions, announced a new and improved version of its Nanopoint Software for kiosks and interactive marketing systems. The latest release extends its industry-leading software architecture by imbedding the latest Apple technologies of Safari, Open GL, and Quartz Extreme.

Nanonation?s latest software has been re-engineered to be 100% native Mac OS X Mach O application to further take advantage of the stability and performance of Apple?s Mac OS X operating system. Nanopoint?s embedded Web browser technology is now based on WebKit, the same browser engine used to drive Apple?s latest browser, Safari, while Core Graphics is used for all static image display and text rendering.

These enhancements provide faster performance in all aspects of media handling and display. Internet content loads up to twice as fast as previous versions, while media elements in the interface draw faster and respond quicker to customer requests.

You can find more information about the Safari integration into Nanopoint at the Nanonation Web site.