Neat Little Device From Spintec Keeps Lenses Clear

For todayis DV Dailies, weive found a neat little device for fimmakers and videographers from Spintec called the Spintec Rain Deflector (RD) system. The system is a rotating filter designed to prevent water droplets and snow from accumulating on the front of a lens while shooting in inclement weather. The device runs off of the cameras battery supply and fits a variety of professional lens sizes. According to Spintec:

The Spintec RD deflects rain and snow instantly by spinning a filter glass custom made by Tiffen over 3000 times per minute.? The spinning glass creates both a centrifugal effect which instantly removes rain drops (and even water splashes) and a vacuum effect which removes the lighter snow flakes which may have not been removed by the centrifugal effect.

The unit easily mounts on both internal focus lenses and external focus lenses with external diameters of 80-105mm.? For internal focus lenses the Spintec RD simply snaps on.? External focus lenses are mounted via special bracketry which mounts unto standard 15mm rods.

The Spintec RD operates via a 12 volt power supply directly off the camera battery.

You can find more information about the Spintec Rain Deflector system at the Spintec Web site. The Rain Deflector is available for US$1,245.00 through authorized dealers.