Need A Break From The News? Try The Macinchat Variety Show

While we all realize that computers, Apple, and the Macintosh are very serious topics it is good to relax every now and then. Enter The Macinchat Variety Show. Filled with content barely resembling news, this hour long comedy show provides a break from the day-to-day happenings of Apple, and helps to remind us all that the Mac is really just a computer. According to The Macinchat Variety Show:

Thatis right everybody take those blank stares off your faces and join us for the 15th mind-boggling episode of Americais most hated show, iThe Macinchat Variety Show.i We currently have the MP3 posted, and when AppleISP converts it, you will have access to the Quicktime version as well.

This week be disgusted by even less content, including:

  • Billis bitter tirade during the news segment
  • The introduction of the new Apple iThaiBooki
  • A phoney commercial/phone call to everyoneis favorite internet service provider, AppleISP
  • Another phoney phone call to a local record store asking if they have a strange new bandis CD
  • The top 9.6b4 things to watch for at Macworld in July

So, sit back, grab your favorite mind-altering substance and listen in as we make fools of ourselves yet again.

If you like (or dislike) the show, send us some mail at, or post something on our super messageboard at the site.

You can find more information, including the latest episode, at The Macinchat Variety Show Web site.