Need The Time? RedLightRunner Has You Covered, Apple Style

RedLightRunner has announced that they have obtained the inventory of Apple branded watches from You can now find an Apple or Mac related time piece at the same location you can find a host of other Apple related merchandise. According to RedLightRunner:, the source for Apple logo collectibles, has acquired the remaining Apple Watch inventory from

Apple Watches were manufactured by Sportime Watches Inc, an Apple licensee under Gil Amelio. But last year, after a dramatic scene between Steve Jobs and the booth at MWSF 2000, manufacturing was ceased. continued to sell the watches until recently, when purchased the remaining inventories. purchased just over 2,200 pieces from

The Apple Watches are available right now at There are several styles to choose from, including Think Different Watches for $39.95 and kidsi Apple Watches starting at $7.95. And of course, theyire no longer being manufactured so the supply wonit last forever!

You can find all of the new Apple watches, as well as a host of other Apple related merchandise, at the RedLightRunner Web site.