NetBarrier Helps Protect Wireless Networks

Intego has announced that their personal Firewall application, NetBarrier, is effective in protecting wireless networks from many harmful attacks. As wireless networks, such as Appleis AirPort, grow in popularity concern over security will become even more of an issue. According to Intego:

Intego, the leading developer of Macintosh Internet security utilities, announced today that NetBarrier, the number one personal Firewall program for the Macintosh, provides full protection from hacker and vandal attacks coming over the Internet, even from intrusion attempts on wireless networks.

Intego announced this to reassure customers in light of recent news stories concerning vulnerabilities in wireless networks. Engineers at Berkeley University have recently discovered that the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) algorithm, which is part of the 802.11 standard (used by Apple AirPort networks) contains flaws, and is vulnerable to hacker attacks. They recommend that "anyone using an 802.11 wireless network not rely on WEP for security, and employ other security measures to protect their wireless network."

While it is possible to gain access to an AirPort wireless network, if users have Intego?s NetBarrier installed, this access will be limited to the base station, which provides shared Internet access. The base station is a form of router, which is separate from the computers using it. If users are running a TCP/IP network, NetBarrier?s firewall and AntiVandal will provide the same protection as when hackers attempt to attack a computer from over the Internet. And, if users are running an AppleTalk network, with password-protected access, NetBarrieris AntiVandal will detect and block attempts to gain access to the network.

NetBarrier is available for US$59.95. You can find more information at the Intego Web site.