NetCloak Add Dreamweaver Support

Maxum Development has updated their Mac based server application, NetCloak, to version 3.1. The new version includes extensions for Macromediais Dreamweaver, allowing users to easily build dynamic web sites. According to Maxum Development:

Maxum Development Corporation today announced the release of NetCloak 3.1. This significant new version offers several important new features and upgrades, but the most notable change is in NetCloakis improved ease-of-use. For example, the Useris Guide has been broken into 2 separate manuals, making getting started easier for new users while improving access to reference information for advanced developers. In addition, installation has been streamlined and new tutorials and examples have been added with detailed descriptions that bring new developers up to speed quickly with NetCloakis powerful capabilities.

The centerpiece of NetCloak 3.1is improved usability is a complete set of Dreamweaver extensions which make creation of NetCloak-powered dynamic pages easier than ever before. NetCloak commands can now be added to pages using a NetCloak objects palette and interactive property inspectors, so that novice users can easily incorporate NetCloak functions into their pages without learning any syntax at all. At the same time, advanced developers can save time and avoid mistakes by using the new tool to automatically generate NetCloak tags. Best of all, the NetCloak tools palette for Dreamweaver is included free in the NetCloak 3.1 package.

"NetCloak 3.1 makes creating dynamic and interactive Web sites even more approachable," said John OiFallon, President of Maxum Development. "The Dreamweaver tool palette, in particular, dramatically reduces the learning curve so that even part-time Web developers can take their sites well beyond simple HTML."

NetCloak was the very first commercial Internet server product for Macintosh, and has had new capabilities in each new release over the past 5 years. Version 3.1 is no exception, and offers several important new features and extensions. For example, NetCloak now offers an integrated user database that makes simple work of user registration, while maintaining the flexibility NetCloak is known for. Advanced users now have total control of the HTTP response header for pages served with NetCloak, making cache control and browser management possible. In addition, NetCloak tags can now be marked so that they will be ignored during forms processing, and executed subsequently, enabling complex "forms creating forms" systems.

Usability enhancements have also been included, such as increased cookie-handling capacity, support for very large form submissions, Web browser validation, more flexible IF-THEN comparisons, completely customizable time and date formatting and more. NetCloak 3.1 is, quite simply, a major upgrade that enhances every aspect of advanced Web site design and maintenance.

NetCloack is available for US$249. You can find more information at the Maxum Development web site.