NetFlix Freak Updated With Queue Enhancements

The Little App Factory has released an update for Netflix Freak, bringing it to version 1.2 Netflix Freak is a utility designed for expanding the standard NetFlix Web site feature set. The update features queue enhancements and printing support. According to The Little App Factory:

The Little App Factory today has released version 1.2 of Netflix Freak, a full-featured application for managing your rental queue that offers many unique features not available on the Netflix Website.

Here are some the new features in Netflix Freak 1.2:

  • Support for printing all rental queues, including DVD images
  • 2 new ways to rearrange your rental queue (cut and paste & renumber)
  • Easy way to quickly shift movies to the top or bottom of your queue
  • Star ratings synchronize in both directions with Netflix Website
  • Improved rental history import, including support for Webmail clients
  • Imported movies now provide same movie details as all other queue items

You can find more information about the Netflix Freak update at the The Little App Factory Web site. Netflix Freak 1.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$10.00.