NetMail Released As Standalone App

Life $uccess Institute has released a standalone version of NetMail 2.5.1. NetMail is an email utility, originally bundled within Schedula Professional, that features native FileMaker Pro files for simplified set-up. According to Life $uccess Institute:

Life $uccess Institute today announced the immediate availability of NetMailR 2.5v1.

NetMailR is a full-featured network email messaging system made up entirely of native FileMaker Pro files (no expensive or problematic plug-ins required). NetMailR lets users send messages either to a specific individual or to everyone at once.

The program is cross-platform, works with all networks, and does not require any special setup. Users are identified by their account names, thus avoiding dependency on a particular computer or workstation. This means that once an account has been assigned, users can quickly and easily send and receive messages using any computer on the network.

NetMailR supports status indicators, time and date stamping, mail archiving, individualized account preferences, email signatures, account blocking, admin controls, and much more.

You can find more information about NetMail at the Life $uccess Intitute Web site. NetMail 2.5.1 is available for US$149.00.