NetNewsWire AppleScripts Released For iPod

Dougis AppleScripts has posted a new set of scripts for iPod users. The scripts are designed to expand iPod internal functionality. The new set of scripts features support for NetNewsWire blog downloading. According to Dougis AppleScripts:

Dougis AppleScripts for iTunes has posted "NNW Subscription to iPod Contacts", an AppleScript that copies selected news Subscriptions from the NetNewsWire RSS reader in vCard format to the Contacts folder of any mounted iPod.

Features include:

  • Quick and easy copying of news feeds and blog entries of any length from NetNewsWire to iPod for portable reading
  • User-editable file-naming to avoid truncation in the view window
  • News items are copied sequentially for easy navigation using iPodis "Previous" and "Next" buttons
  • Automatically over-write previous copies of a Subscription for efficient daily operation
  • "Manage" feature allows you to easily delete old news Contacts
  • Option to eject the iPod when finished

You can find more information about the latest script release at the Dougis AppleScripts for iTunes Web site. The scripts are available as freeware.