Net Based Time Clock App Updated

RedCort Software has updated their Virtual TimeClock line of products to version 3.1. Virtual TimeClock Pro and Net TimeClock allow users to easily track the number of individual hours worked, as well allowing administrators a complete list of all employee hours worked. According to RedCort Software:

Virtual TimeClock is Redcort Softwareis full featured software replacement to traditional employee time clocks. Net TimeClock is the companion personal network client for Virtual TimeClock Professional.

Based on user feedback, this important update release adds several key program refinements and features:

  • Powerful new TimeCard editor enables adding/deleting entries ion the flyi
  • Dynamic editor access protection for easier TimeCard management.
  • Virtual TimeClock no longer requires QuickTime to be installed.
  • Multiple TimeCard reports are now sent as a single print job.
  • Fixed a bug so overnight shifts now total and display overtime properly.

Virtual TimeClock licenses begin at US$149. You can find more information at the RedCort Software Web site.