Netflix Users: Get Your Freak On With Version 1.3

The Little App Factory has announced a new version of Netflix Freak, bringing the app to version 1.3. Netflix is the Internet-based DVD rental company, and not too surprisingly, Netflix Freak is for avid Netflix users, and is intended to help you manage all of your Netflix activity. The new version of the software includes a host of new features and enhancements. From The Little App Factory:

Version 1.3 adds a new Browse tab to the interface, which allows you to view the following:

  • This weekis new releases from Netflix
  • Personalized recommendations from Netflix
  • Top 100 movies from Netflix
  • Top 25 movies by genre from Netflix

You can browse this new information in the familiar Netflix Freak interface, then add movies directly to your queue. There are also a number of important bugfixes which are listed in the Release Notes file that ships with the application. The 1.3 version adds to the already long list of unique features:

  • 6 ways to rearrange your rental queue (drag & drop, swap, shuffle, move to top/bottom, renumber, and cut & paste)
  • Fast searching of the Netflix DVD catalog
  • Print your rental queue (with and without DVD images)
  • Import your entire rental history (not just the last 90 days)
  • Add multiple movies to your queue in one action
  • Add new movies to the beginning of your queue, the end, or shuffle afterwards
  • View and assign star ratings to movies directly from any queue
  • Keep track of who rented which movie in your household
  • Assign custom categories to your movies
  • Simple, one window access to all your queues
  • AppleScript access to all your movie data
  • Jot down notes about individual movies and search them later
  • Unlimited undo of queue rearrangements

You can find more information on the product at the companyis Web site. The update is free to registered users, and the full version is priced at US$15.