Network Analyzer For 10.1 From VVI

VVI is now shipping Vving for use on the Mac. Vving is a network analyzer designed for the plotting and graphing of real-time network data. The new app is based on the larger OpenGraph framework, and now features OS 10.1. According to VVI:

VVI today announced the availability of Vving for Mac OS X version 10.1.

Vving is a well designed and precise application that measures and graphs network performance in real time. It provides an immediate solution with no learning curve, something everyone appreciates. It also demonstrates the high scalability of our OpenGraph programming framework. For example, Vving can display millions of points in realtime and show data ranging from seconds to years.

Although Vving shows just a small portion of the OpenGraph features I think it is a good application to demonstrate OpenGraph.

You can find more information about Vving at the VVI Web site. Vving is available freeware.